Item 02: James William Dains diary, 25 June 1917-2 March 1918 - Page 36

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came to see me & we had a long talk I have been able to help quite a lot of lads… It is no wonder their faith is surely tried & they seem more concerned about the assurance of Faith than any prospect of death They want to realise the presence of God. He seemed to be much helped & was very grateful.

Thursday Sept 13th
The Battalion moved out from Sec Bois at 8 oclock. We parted with a number of officers and men who go to the Reinforcement Camp & are not going into the push. They will be used when we come out to reform & reorganise the batt. Our march was only about 6 miles through Strazele to Metteren where we billeted for the night. The weather was cool & cloudy we reached here at 11 oclock

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