Item 02: James William Dains diary, 25 June 1917-2 March 1918 - Page 17

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was driven through a hose, with the oil & petrol, & ignited at the nozzle. This liquid flame shot out about 70 feet a terrific sheet of awful flame most terrifying but less effective. It was a great sight.
On Thursday the King passed along the road & our troops lined up to cheer him. At night we had a concert & it was a great success The General was in to mess & came to the concert.
I visited the Hospital where there were some men of our Batt. who had met with an accident with a bomb.
On Friday morning the Batt. moved out from Buire to a camp about 9 miles & we are billeted in Huts. Last night it rained heavily & came through the roof pretty freely, swamping us all out

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