Item 02: James William Dains diary, 25 June 1917-2 March 1918 - Page 15

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hardships incident to campaign life are beyond the most pessimistic expectancy.
He lives in, damp oozing, dugouts with the floors awash. awash His food if it is wholesome is served & partaken of under conditions of inevitable filth. Sanitation throughout the Army is marvellous, & this description of it reveals the difficulties of the life is not intended to indicate that the Army is unmindful. Every care is taken & the results are astonishing. Notwithstanding, the life the soldier is very hard He does not know the luxury of a bed one blanket in Summer & 2 in Winter A heap of straw in an old shed is a luxury. Rats and lice & other vermin infest these places & it is impossible for a man to keep free from vermin. It is a common sight, to see men of all classes, Bank Clerks, Students of Law, Divinity, etc. sitting naked to the waist

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