Item 02: James William Dains diary, 25 June 1917-2 March 1918 - Page 10

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& resulted in a win for the former.
Dave Hunter who is with the 55th came over to see me & I rode over to see him & Bowran & Joe Tarn yesterday afternoon. We have had fairly warm weather Thunderstorms & a few showers, this week

Sunday, July 1st
This week has been full of changes. The weather even has been changeable From hot sultry weather we passed to dull steamy, Thundery days which gave place to cold winds and driving wintry rain making it unpleasantly cold.
We have changed our address also, on Thursday we moved up here in the vicinity of Mailly, & are now in huts & dugouts, & improvised shelter in part of the old lines of 1916 before

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