Rider war diary, 20 March 1915-4 March 1916 / Edwin Rider - Page 13

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20th March

Diary of my first trip from Australia to fight.

Sailed from Sydney 17th March in the S.S. Shorpshire [Shropshire] at 5 o'clock p.m., arrived at Melbourne Friday 2 o'clock p.m. 19th March. We took 200 troops on board at 1.30 Saturday 20th March, nothing unusual occurred on that trip. I did not get a chance to go ashore at Melbourne so I cannott tell you much about it Except that it takes the boat about 4 hrs. from the heads to port Melbourne, we laid out in the stream & the transport boat carried the Melbourne boys on board.

March 21st
We left Melbourne at 6.45 on 21st after a verry cold visit. Rumours were numerous, some say that there was something wrong with the propeller but afterwards found out to be untrue. At Melb. we took aboard 8 nurses, They being the only women folk aboard, we now have 18 Sgts. in our mess, previous to that we only had 12. After leaving Port Melbourne we struck the heads 3 hrs. after leaving Port Melb. I am told it is called the (Rip) it is a glorious sight, one mass of whirlpools & verry rough, we lost sight of land about 8 p.m. 21st March on the way to Albany which I believe is our next Call.

22nd March
There is no land in sight, we are now in the Great Australian Bight, it is beginning to get Rough some say that we will have a storm to night. One poor unfortunate individual slipped on deck & broke his arm so I was told off to get a party of 12 men to holy stone the decks. We have only lost 1 horse since we started.

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