King war diary, 8 May-21 September 1915 / Henry Aubrey King - Page 9

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      14 Fatigues.
      15 Fatigues.
      16 Relieve 3rd Regt on Popes Hill.
      17 Popes Hill
      18 Popes Hill
      19 Popes Hill
      20 Popes Hill
      21 Popes Hill
      22 Popes Hill
      23 Relieved by 1st Regt.
      24 Fatigues commence
      25 Fatigues continue
      26 On detached post.
      27 Picquet fired on in valley.
      28 Good progress reported from Cape Hellas.
      29 Turks attack Walkers Ridge. Enver Pasha superintends. Ottoman Guards get bushed and bump our Cossack Post which gives them a shock.
      30 On Cossack Post (Violent thunderstorm)
July 1 Quiet. Fatigues.

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