Wittey diary, 12 June-27 December 1915 / Leonard Arthur Wittey - Page 23

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<p class="page" id="a4810023">[Page 23]</p><p>Continued quarter. We are taking Zig Zag course. Every man has to remain at the life boat allotted to him until after 6oclockPM</p><p>Dec 23 Still on S.S"Betanna". Dull day ship taking very eratic course (describing circles</p><p>Dec24th Wet day, Parade at 11AM</p><p>Dec 25 <u>Xmas day</u> Up at 6 oclock. Alexandria llight house sighted. Ship unable to enter harbour untilday light was circling about outside. Ship went in and anchored in outer harbour until 5oclock. We disembarked at 7 oclockPM . Entrained at wharf for Alexandria. Train left at 7 oclockPM arrived at Alexandria at 2 oclockAM Sunday morning. Marched into Lictown Camp (Heliopolis) and slept in mess sheds.</p><p>Dec 26th (<u>Boxing day</u> Was up early and had a breakfast of doughnuts sold by the natives. Had a walk into Heliopolis and had dinner there. The afternoon was spent in distributing comforts from Sydney.<br/>Mr Hampton (our troop officer) paid for a dinner for 10 of us at Heliopolis House (8oclock dinner). It was real excellent. The whole affair was under my direction entirely, and everything was successful. We all arrived home at camp horribly sober.</p><p>Dec 27 Have had breakfast consisting of butter and jam cake (the comforts) and am now ready to move off to Meade Camp situated about 14 miles . I think it means a march too.</p><p>Note There are many many items omitted. It has not been kept up to date, but have often relied on my memory.</p>

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