Wittey diary, 12 June-27 December 1915 / Leonard Arthur Wittey - Page 21

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<p class="page" id="a4810021">[Page 21]</p><p>Dec 11th Take up position lowere down the line 4th LH going away (unknown destination)</p><p>Dec 12th Quiet day getting colder.</p><p>Dec 16th 12.15AM to 12.45 AM Silent Demonstration. Drew heavy rifle and machine gun fire 2.15AM till 2.45AM Silent Demonstration. Turks were very nervie.</p><p>Dec 17th Spy caught in our line last night spy also captured on Dec 1st last. On Nov 29 Lone Pine bombarded by Turks resulting in 200 casualties several men buried in tunnels broken in by shells. 2 men were found to be still alive the next day, others all perished. <u>Prisoners stated</u> that the Turks intended to charge at night but they all refused to leave their trenches.</p><p>Dec 18th At 5 oclock PM evacuated Gallipoli Peninsular (First Party) our boots were muffled. Carried 80lbs pack left beach at 6.30PM without a shot from "Beachy Bill" which had been inflaming the beach for weeks. Spent night on S.S Abassia. Arrived at Lemmos at 3 oclock AM (I was on deck). Transhipped on to S.S "Winnifredian" at 12 oclock noon,and at 4 oclockPM again transhipped onto S.S "Beltanna" Remaining off Lemmos Island.</p><p>Dec 20th Up early waiting for rear guard to arrive from the peninsular. Rear guard arrived during the morning. The evacuation was a complete success. All mines were successfully exploded the Turks opened up very heavy fire as a response. Mines were [indecipherable] from the beach as last man was leaving . (4oclockPM) we are waiting to move off any minute. We have moved alongside the S.S "Magantic" Have been aboard her several times, and looked over her. She is a beautiful ship. She has been chased 3 times by torpedos. This morning I saw a cabin boy fall down the hatch (about 50 feet but he was not killed). The harbour is full of interest. Gun boats of all nationalities here. Am mess orderly today. Food fairly good after <u>Iron rations</u></p><p>Dec 21 Still on S.S"Beltanna" anchored against S.S "Magantic" Changed our anchorage. Moved out the heads at 4.30PM. Sea slightly rough. (The heads are closed during the night with a line of mines and submarine nets stretched across) Ship is in total darkness. Every man has to carry a life belt with him day and night. (Am mess orderly)</p><p>Dec 22 Full muster parade in morning with life belts and life boats allotted as we are in a very dangerous submarine</p>

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