Rider war diary, 20 March 1915-4 March 1916 / Edwin Rider - Page 37

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experiencing beautiful weather just now. Our ship hasn't a roll in her, this is our fifth day.

26th January
Today is Australia Day so we have celebrated it at Sea. We also passed the Star of Australia. We have a fair sports programme on for today so as to remember the Day of our Native Land. We fell in on the boat deck at 10 oclock & was given a list of sports. Most of the Lads who were fairly fit entered their names. 2 oclock started the events, Tug of war won by South Aust. Drawing the Pig (game of bull), Bun & treakle race & a nail driving Competition for the Nurses. In the evening we held a Competition of Comic & sentimental Songs. At 9 oclock the prizes were distributed & we finished up with a speech from the O.C. of the troops so I think we kept up our day fairly well. (We are just about fifty miles from (Dakar Island) where we are going to put our Gun off. 27-1-16 today.)

Have arrived at Dakar, Africa west coast. Arrived at 11 a.m. This country looks well from the boat. all our officers have gone ashore & we are left here on board, expect to go out tonight. Dakar harbour is artificial composed of a breakwater. Cheif products Nuts, monkeys. Languages cheifly spoken are French & Spanish. Fever is very contagous here, Whites suffer considerably. Moved out of Port Dakar at 6 p.m. 27th Jan. Senegal is the town.

Arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on Tuesday 8/2/16 about 2 p.m. No land has been

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