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Memo on additions to Diary – 15-2-19

Number = (1812 & 2812)
Name in full = Edwin Rider
Date & place of Enlistment = 6th January 1915, Victoria Barracks, Sydney
Rank & Regiment = Sergeant from 6th Jan. 15 to Aug. 4th 1915
Private from Aug. 5th to June 2nd 1916
4th Reinfts., 4th Battalion, 1st Division, Infantry
Date of Discharge – 2nd June 1916

I was reverted to the rank of Private owing to an order from Head Quarters stating that owing to an overflow of N.C.Os. all reinfts. N.C.Os. were to revert to the ranks until such vacancys occur that would enable me to fulfill my former rank. I was wounded two days after my reversion which prevented me from oth rising to my former rank.

At the age of 21 years & four mths. whilst proceeding from Alexandria, Egypt, enroute to Gallipoli, I was in complete Command of 150 men this number constutting constituting the 4th Reinfts., 4th battalion. This trip included six days through the Submarine danger zone.

I was only two days a Private whilst on active Service or actually fighting.

E. Rider

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