Scott diary, 23 October 1917-27 May 1918 with letter 5 November 1918 re experiences in France and the Battle of Amiens, 8 August 1918 / John Philipson Scott - Page 13

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made ourselves as comfortable as possible. The trenches were cut in chalky ground about 5 feet deep and by spreading ones water proof sheet over the top one made a little shelter. But it was too wet so I went down to the village secured an old door some pieces of wood & did the best possible to keep the rain off got some cover & laid on that. Then we sigs had to lay a wire to headquarters & make a dug out for the phone.
The time spent in reserves was given up to preparing. I made certain of a bath & shave because I knew it would be the last for many days. Went down into an old ruined cottage in the village secured a bucket & there performed my last ablutions - occasionally being interrupted by other soldiers prowling around for the same purpose whilst in a state of - (well with nothing on).

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