Item 01: Sydney B. Young war diary, 13 May-24 July 1916 - Page 149

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Boys of Carmichaels Band

At your request I'll do my best
To slander all the boys
Tis partly true and yet forsooth
To tell it often annoys
Les Bowra might resort to fight
You know how quick he flares
And only Bill can keep him still
There's nobody else that dares

Boys of Carmichael's Band
While one of us can stand
Harmer, Mendel, Snow & Dave
Will fight as one on the land or on the wave
And even Dope will have to leave his clue
And Scott to Longueville say goodbye
Sail away to France to make the Germans dance
To the tune of the Rifle Band

Charlie make a hasty break
To overlook the shop
Harry play his trichord

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