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[Transcriber's note:
Captain Alec Donaldson, O.B.E., Master Mariner, was born in Scotland about 1877. He received his training in Scotland and served on sailing and steamships both there and in Australia. Eventually he was employed by Burns Philp and Co. of Sydney on a number of ships as Mate or Master. He was in command of the "Matunga" when it was captured by the German raider "Wolf" in 1917. The diary describes his experiences following the capture.
After World War I he rejoined Burns Philp and during World War II played a significant part in the evacuation of Singapore.
He was awarded his O.B.E. for meritorious service at Sea.
Captain Donaldson died in 1949 and his ashes were committed to the Torres Straits from the deck of Burns Philp's Burnside]

Capt. Alec Donaldson
S.S. "Matunga"
Sydney N.S.W.

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