Halse war diary, 1 February 1916-4 May 1917/ Edward George Halse - Page 14

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Reported our casualties about 45 ascertained complete report not to hand – engagement reported to have lasted 9 hours. G's entrenched and guns well hidden "Kidette? Rly. Stn.

Moving at 5 p.m to rejoin the Brigade on past Kidette? B. Sqd. on Patrol Camp till 3. a.m. at 9 – move off and arrive at Kidete at 7-am. Casualties in recent fighting amount according to Doctor 6 killed 16 wounded No Trains captured – one train overturned and abandoned, contained clothing chiefly. Camping with our Brigade to night:– Rations issued for 4 days again unlimited supply of mealies for horses.

18-8-16 In camp all day

20/8/16. Trek at 4. a.m for Kilossa Station Stopped in neck by German big guns all the afternoon.

(Kilossa Military Station) Camp in same position have to climb big hill at night on picket.

21 – Trek at 5. a.m ½ mile across Rly Line and off saddle. Germans start shelling position where Howitzer's and Headquarters staff are camped Kept it up intermittently all day. one 9th Reg severely wounded and few horses killed (wounded trooper since reported dead) Up saddle at 3 p.m. to reinforce Major Wilson or Wilkinson of the 2nd Reg. Trek about 7 miles over awful hills leading horses – arrive about dark. Everybody on picket. Our Guns fire a few big shells into Kilossa about 7-p.m. about 4 or 5 miles distant from our outpost.

22/8/16 Trek on into Kilossa & arrive at 8. a.m. Germans retired South towards Iranga. Kilossa prettiest place seen up to date Camp on S. side of town. Two or three false alarms during day: Our patrols fired on and some

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