Item 01: Dudley V. Walford diary, 23 September 1914 - 13 August 1916 - Page 14

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13 Vandala
14 Survic
15 A37
16 A36
17 Submarine AE2
18 N.Z.T
19 N.Z.T.
One of our comrades buried at sea 3rd Jan 1915
Men were taken ill with ptomaine poisoning. We blamed the bad meat but it's a mystery.200 to300 were ill & were lying in agony
Played cricket on board boat & I made 21 runs the Victorians & we won by 18 runs.
We often play in the afternoons & get some good exercise from it.
We are now in the tropics & find it very hot especially in the hold but thanks to the gods we are

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