Item 01: Dudley V. Walford diary, 23 September 1914 - 13 August 1916 - Page 4

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The Australian Ladies
On our return journey at a farewell dinner we drank to the health of the King, the Officers, Absent Comrades and to the Australian Ladies.
In proposing to the health of the latter the speaker said, "Nearly twenty years ago I came to Australia - the land of gold. I immediately started to dig for this precious metal. I did not find any gold but I found

A Large Drawing Of A Lady Signed D. Walford

something more precious, thousands of precious pearls right on the surface of the earth in the shape of Australian Ladies"
We joyfully drank to their health. In response to which remarks were made on the able and patriotic manner in which the ladies had taken the place of men & worked unsparingly side by side of them in all walks of life.

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