Hyder's letter to his mother, written 27-28 July 1915 / Laurie E. Hyder - Page 13

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I am feeling a lot better now, keep your pecker up. Show this to Bertha & the girls & give my fondest love to all. I saw the Triumph get sunk.The chap who gives you this will tell you a lot of things. I met Father Gordnich from Charlton here he is a Roman Catholic priest very pleased to see me.
I went for a motor ride yesterday 5 of us & a sister we went 20 miles altogether right along to Mena camp. I started [July 28th] to write this last night just after tea & was still writing when the lights went out. It is now a quarter past five in the morning. The ship leaves here at 6 for Australia. before I close this letter I must tell you that the bravery of Australians is undoubtedly fine. I have no hesitation in

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