Halse war diary, 1 February 1916-4 May 1917/ Edward George Halse - Page 26

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Medical examination of 2nd Brig and 9th Wrote to Vi.

8th Medical examination for whole camp to select men to relieve infantry on lines of communication. Infantry to go forward. I am passed as Unfit.

9 Camp. Routine

10 Went for a walk to Mission Station in forenoon.

11.12 13-14 Ditto [Note in margin: 14th]

16 paid £1-00 16-17-18 Ditto camp 19th Camp

20/12/16 30 men from our camp (unfit) for Dar es salaam en route for Union J Banks among the number

22-23 40 more men left for Dar Es Salaam en route for Union Xmas Comforts Tobacco Cigarettes Potted meat

24 Left Morogoro at 8 pm. for D E Salaam. arrived 9 am 25/12/16 hell of a journey

25/12/16 drew Kit again for trip home expect to leave for Union to day or tomorrow. Banks, Street & Co still in camp D E S probably leave together

26/12/16 Made a false start for ship at 5.30 am 6 am. order cancelled still waiting a possible chance of going to day –

27-12-16 Leaving to go aboard. 5.30. AM. Left Dar Es Salaam 8.45 am per lighter and tug got to within a mile of our ship and then turned back for some unexplained reason (The Tug too light popular rumour)

28/12/16 Marched down to wharf again, all sailing orders cancelled. our third attempt to get away

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