Halse war diary, 1 February 1916-4 May 1917/ Edward George Halse - Page 20

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Result of fighting on the 8th outside "Kisaki" 74 wounded Germans in Hospital 100 wounded askaris, killed no account. Unfit to travel further including some Dutchmen 40 odd. (about 300 casualties

17.9-16 Most of our men forward on foot. 4th Battery arrive at last. 13 pounder quick firers. Rations again very small 1 teaspoon flour ditto rice 3 spoons sugar one biscuit baking powder 1 spoon 1 lb tin beef for three men

shooting intermittently all day heavy firing before daybreak on the 18th five men back in camp none of the 3rd

18th Firing stopped at day break almost as soon as our big guns opened. on orderly for the day for the 3rd Lots of Generals about. Gen Britts. Majors Gen Nussey Enslin Hartigan something on the move I suppose. Germans apparently in good position entrenched Still in same camp all our fellows entrenched

Rations again to day for one day. Cup of flour Coffee Sugar. 2 spoonsful rice 1 cup 3 men All our sqd ordered to advance on foot to new position left flank extreme of 2nd Reg. Lots of big gun shooting on our right some distance away. presumed to be Gen. Hosken. We dug two lots of trenches. per bayonet. hard work. Sive sent me some cigarettes 17th Jinmy Fraser and I together 19-9-16

20th Everything quiet. a Patrol mounted going out from our camp to day (Wrote to Albert) News of Gen Hosken having captured 1 comp askaris, 30 Germans killed. "Report Denied" Laying in trenches all day Usual shooting in afternoon maxims 13 pounders [indecipherable]

Rain all night Laying in mud

21 Still in trenches still raining still the usual shooting miserable day rum at night sleep in trenches

Rheumatism troubling me.

22 / Relief supposed to come out to day the 9th, only a little rain last night. Hope weather clears chance of drying clothes

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