Item 01: Dudley V. Walford diary, 23 September 1914 - 13 August 1916 - Page 42

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Scrapnel Gully
Scrapnel Gully is best known of all the gullies to those who landed at Anzac . It runs continually from the seacoast to Popes hill, the furthermost point of our firing line which is about 11/2 mile inland. From this gully on either side rise mountains abruptly with an almost impregnable appearance as if majestically denying any resistance; covered in thick bramble, gorse, &prickly trees, some parallel, some breaking off at angles forming various & immeasurable tributary gullies. Down these mountains in rainy weather run torrents of water which find an outlet through the gullies which we found ankle deep in mud & slush through which we waded our way as if pilgrims.

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