Item 01: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 21 August 1914 - 20 March 1915 - Page 40

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20 21 Nov

down by th arrainged by Mr Brooks (the ships officer attending the canteen) & the Colonel. some articles had a decided drop in the line of foodstuffs (although beer is still 4d per pint) chocolates for instance, dropped from 1d to ½ d each, so the strike was declared off.
we are now level with the first squadron of ships that left Colombo (4 P.M.) another horse died to-day

Sat 21st
Woke up at "reveille" this morning & was surprised to see that all the ships are at a standstill; I believe we lost two of our ships last night & had to wait for them to catch up again. we have left the main fleet behind us & they are out of sight. we are a flying squadron & travelling at 13 knots per hour, I believe we take fresh water

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