Item 01: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 21 August 1914 - 20 March 1915 - Page 14

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Oct 8-16

Thur 8th
To Maroubra Sig. went in surf bathing afternoon concert in camp at night

Fri 9th
Branding saddles morning. mounted signalling afternoon. went to Mosman & were supposed to be signalling got back to camp 12 [indecipherable]
Sat 10th
Concealment work. went to S. Major's evening had a good spread, & concert, a very good evenings sport & back to camp at midnight

Sun 11st
Church parade & a Christening morning went to Felicia & to Anniversary service, to camp at midnight

Mon 12th
Signalling at Maroubra beach went in for a dip at dinner time. stayed in camp evening

Tue 13th
To Maroubra Sig. had "Idleboy" in for a splash in the surf. to Mascot after tea

Wed 14th
Sig. off hill to the station at Maroubra the artillery practicing all around us. Went to Maroubra for the evening

Fri 16th
Sham fight morning. washing afternoon. gave a dinner to S.M. & party Jessie & Nowland were present & we had [indecipherable] evening

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