Item 01: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 21 August 1914 - 20 March 1915 - Page 73

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Dec 9

are no fences, apparently their plots of ground are divided by drains that also act to irrigate it. It seems quite funny to see them praying; I saw two or three praying as we passed them. I do not know whether their prayers were for or against us; We arrived at Cairo at little before sundown, we had a cup of cocoa & a piece of bread & cheese waiting for us at the station & the cocoa was the best I have ever tasted;

by the time we unloaded the horses & were ready to move off, it was beginning to get dark, we marched to the barracks & had a few minutes talk with some Territorials & learned that a Camel Corps of 125 men had gone out to meet some Turks 3 weeks previously & only 5 men returned. nothing has been seen

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