Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 82

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He received me most affably and seemed most anxious that I should return giving me full permission. I also called on Lord Methuen but he was away in the country and therefore I did not see him. However whilst there I met Mrs Leslie who had come out from England to fetch her son Shawne who she said 'had gone off his head' from the sights he had seen whilst working in the field ambulanoe. The prospect of returning improved my spirits enormously. I cabled to Harry Lawson [Proprietor of the Daily Telegraph] to ask his permission but did not expect to get a reply back in time. I also cabled to Gina and to Elsie Janis and to several shops ordering clothes. I also cabled for theatre tickets for several nights in fact I made the most careful preperations to have everything ready so that I could leave on the following Thursday and catch Friday's boat at Marseilles. I lunched with Mrs Leslie and met Hon Agnes Peel, George Peel's wife who looked as untidy as ever. Then the remainder of the day I spent in making preperations and in reading the papers at the Club.

Wednesday June 2nd
Having acquired a fresh passport and my ticket I went on board the Massagerie boat Calodonien at twelve. Mrs Leslie came and saw me off. She promised to convey my apologies to the governor for not having seen him. On board I met Stanley Wilson who was coming from Athens and Somers Somerset who had just come from the Aecadian. Both are serving their coumtray as King's Messengers. Also Ward Price who had come from Athens. It was pleasant to find oneself again amongst friends. Both Somerset and Wilson were vigorously denouncing the geneeral Staff at the Dardanells for the manner in which they had been treated. It appears that although entrusted with Ambassadors love letters and

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