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ashore to Lancashire Landing. Here I found a great number of the survivors gathered, including Captain Talbot. I also leartoed that Admiral Nicholson was safe, but that no one seemed to know what had happened to General Puller. The survivors on shore were being served out with army clothing. I went to Bettleheim's mess had breakfast, and then went up and visited Hunter-Weston, who was very much amused to see me in such a strange costume. I then returned to the beach and learned that all the survivors were to be taken off to Mudros in a fleet sweeper. Having lost everything I possessed in the world I saw that I would have to go down to Malta, and decided to go to Mudros to get the Admiral's permission.

On arriving there I went on board the "Triad", to the huge joy of the officers at seeing me in such a strange costume. Admiral de Roebeck was most kind and insisted upon his valet fitting me out in a suit of his clothes, while Commodore Keyes presented me with a hat. I then stayed to lunch, and the Admiral said he would send me off as soon as possible to Malta. I spent that night on board a ship called the "Fovette", which is kept at Mudros for stranded officers whose ships have been sunk, as a kind of temporary home. Here I found several survivors of the "Goliath" and there was one young midshipman who had had a miraculous escape.

Friday May 28th
I got a signal that I could sail to day at noon for Malta, on a store ship known as the "Baron Ardrossan". I went on board her, found the Captain a very agreeable man. I felt rather nervous on sailing out of the harbour expecting to be torpedoed again at any minute, and I kept a big lifebelt by me the whole time. The Captain on seeing this, said "Bless you, don't worry about that belt, I've got 1100 round of 12-inch ammunition on board and if anything strikes

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