Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 115

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to Sir Ian Hamilton and that he tried to run him and to control the campaign. Maxwell told me he intended to write a book on what he has seen of the Staff after the war is over. He guarantees it will make very interesting reading. I think it will toe especially if they annoy him much more and he gets thoroughly angry. He said 'They all have minds like children and must be treated as such and humoured. Let me warn you not to say a word to anyone about the campaign as the whole camp is one
vast whispeting gallery and everything reaches Headquarters. They hate been criticised moer than anything. 'Well it is a funny world and most people innit are very small and cannot see beyond the end of their m noses. Laurence has decided to go back to Malta for a few days to buy stores for our new mess.I made him out a long list gave him my blessing and off he went. I have undertaken to do his work whilst he is away.

Friday July 2nd
I remained at Imbros all day working and then rode over to G.H.Q. where I saw Colonel Ward who received me in the most friendly manner. I passed my private letters without even looking at them and also undertook to get my photographs home. Later in the afternoon I shifted my camp to a very pleasant sight I have selected which is well shaded. I dined with Colonel Robinson who has just come out to take over the command of one of the Manchester Territorial Battalions.

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