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ship and the captain a charming man who made us very comfortable on board. Of course there was the usual scare of submarines but we took every precaution travelling at fifteen knots ziz zagging the whole way and were escorted by two destroyers. I had the Captain's spare cabin and was very comfortable

Tuesday June 2nd
At sea in the Agememnon. No sign of any submarines. Heard to-day that a German submarine torpedoed and sank the dummy Tiger. To the amazement and horror of the crew they saw her wooden turrets and guns calmly floating about in the sea, They dived at once fearing D.Ts.

Wednesday June 23rd
Arrived at Malta at five pm. Found most of the Fleet assembled there. Sykes and I went and saw Admiral Wemyss who mistaking him for Mark Sykes M.P rushed into his arms and then recoilced onfinding his mistake. A real snob if there ever was one. Stayed on board Agememnon that night and found a whole bag of mail and letters had accumulated for me during my absence. Most of the news was old but still interesting. Found a charming letter from May Ladenburg.

Thursday June 24th
Went on board Cornwallis and saw Captain Davidson who told me many interesting things which had occured during my absence. Sailed in Trawler for Kephalo (Imbros) at I2pm. Found a few officers on board. Colonel Sykes also came. Arrived in Kephalo at 7-30. Went on board Triad and saw Admiral de Roebeck and Commodore Keyes. They invited us both to stay on board for dinner. Afterwards I had a very

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