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astride the peninsula' He then asked me a great many questions about our positions before Achi Baba and Anzac saying 'They seem to be absolutely held up at Achi Baba and lost very heavily in this last attack but dont you think they might get on at Anzac and seize that high hill (930). I told him I thought it was utterly impossible and that the position there was a complete stalemate. Then he said ' But could not they move forward across the peninsula south of the Australian position' I explained it was impossible to do this until Gaba Tepe was taken and our left had moved forward. He replied 'Why did they give up Gaba Tepe' He seemed very much surprised when I told him we had never held it and replied 'But surely they could clear out the Turks assisted by the ships which can smothered this exposed position' I replied I am told by General Birdwood the position consists of a number of subterranean passages and bombp oofs which are impeverous to shell fire and underground covered ways lead up to it from the low country behind'

Then he said 'to avoid the diffioukties of the Bulair landing is there no other point between Anzac and Bulair where we might get across' I said I thought not from an examination of the May and that I had never heard one mentioned by the military or naval authorities on the spot. We then had a further discussion on Turkish resources their system of feeding and on the possibilities of the use of gas . He did not consider they had any neither did he think it possible they could make it in Constantinople. He then asked me various questions connected with their ammunition supply which he considered must be getting low. I pointed out to him Fortescue's article in the Daily Telegraph and told him he was a sound a reliable eye witness. He replied ' His information might

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