Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 90

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I resolutely declined to be drawn and merely amused them with some unimportant details. Gina doned with me at the Carlton togther with George who had come up from the country to see me. He is better from his wound but I do not think he will be fit to take the front for a long time yet as his arm has not yet healed. We afterwards went on to see the new Review at the Empire which is very good having Ethel Levy George Graves and Joe Coyne as its stars. They gave us a good receptiion on seeing us in the front row. Afterwards Gina and I went on to supper at Ciro's and stayed out until nearly two am. Thus with days crammed with work and late nights I am nearly dead but I can always go for about ten days at a stretch with little or no sleep.

Thursday June 10th
In the morning I worked at a variety of things and at 11-30 accompanied by Hughes Massie I went to see Sir George Hutchinson the publisher with a view to arrange a deal over a book. Finally after a very long discussion l agreed to write one on the expedition for a preliminary payment of £500 down and a big royalty reserving the American rights. This I consider a good bargain considering the bad state of the book trade on account of the war. In fact I wished to get something definitely settled before I returned to the Dardanelles as immediately the expedition comes to an end the interest in it May collapse. And if the I book has a big sale I shall get well repaid out of the royalty. I then went to lunch at the Duchess of Rutland's meeting a lot of people including Lady Cunard Diana Harry Cust Lady Elcho and several others wgose names I cannot recall. It was quite like old times. Lady Elcho is

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