Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 85

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I never heard such cheek in my life considering the money I have spent there and I told them so to such good effect that they became most polite and affable. I drove Gina home and then went on to the Palace
Theatre to see Elsie Janis. They were just finishing the play and I saw the last of it from the stage. I then took them and Basil Hallam out to supper to the Carlton Grill where I met Marie Lohr and her
husband. She is about to appear in a new play and is very busy. I heard that Elsie is to only play at the Palace for another two weeks. Business has not been good of late. In fact it has been cut into by
the counter attractions of the Great Empire Review. Got to bed about 1am.

Sunday June 6th
I worked all the morning finishing off my memorandum on the Situation in Gallipoli. I then went up to Holly Lodge to lunch with Uncle Willie and Irene. I found him in great form and much interested in all that I had to say. In the morning I rushed down the city and saw Seabury whom I found installed in the Fishmongers Hall. He seems to be getting on all right and is delighted to be out of the whole horror which I am afraid will effect his nerves worse than the wounds will his body. Lady Glanusk came up to Holly Lodge with two younguns' and we had some tennis. Then Sir Edward and Lady Carson came up and I was able to give him a sketch of the whole situation at the Dardanelles. He listened most attentatively and told me the Government now had the whole matter under consideration and that it was most important I should see the members. He made an appointment for me to meet Bonar Law on the following morning.

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