Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 84

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June 3rd
     At sea in the Calodonien. Nothing to record.

June 4th
Arrived at Marseilles at two pm but we were delayed for some time in getting ashore. On landing I went to see Martin Cecil Gurney our Consul General whom I had not seen for fourteen years when after the South African War I was stationed there as a kind of Assistant Vice Consul by my thoughtful aunt Lady Burdett Coutts. However disliking the work I was not long in making my way to Monte Carlo where I made some mone and finally having met the charming Elsie Phillips I took her back with me to London. Being in the city recalled many old memories of those bygone years. It is strange that I should have also met her too this year again happily married after such a long interval. Gurney arranged my passport which enabled me to depart at six thirty for Paris.

June 5th
Arrived in Paris punctual to the hour at eight am. Drove immediately to the Gare de Nord. Then had breakfast and a shave after which having half an hour to spare I drove in a taxi to visit Madame D' lancey but I found she was out of Paris. Caght the train at 10-5 for London reaching that city to my infinite joy at 0pm. I was met at the station by Audrey who announced that Seabury had been badly wounded in that awful Ypres salient and was now safe home again in London. with two in the head and one in the arm. On arriving at the Carlton Hotel I found Gina who had come to the station to meet me but who had missed me as I got away so quickly. I was delighted to see her again. I took a suit of rooms after a row with the management who said I owed them some money on the last account which was perfectly true.

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