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September 16th to 27th.
During these days I remained at Mythene with Malcolm Ross after the others had returned to Kephalos. I was ill most of the time with stomach trouble and did not seem to get any better. There was great enthusiasm amongst the Greek officers for a short time at the rumours that Greece intended to come into the war. Wevw were cheered in the local restaurants and the town was en fete. But this mood changed into something like depression when the officers and men received orders to prepare to depart. Then the recolllection of the former Balkan wars came back to them and they were none to happy. We must face the facts. The Greeks are not a fighting race and would give all they possess to to keep out of the struggle. As a fighting asser there army is of small value.

During the time I was in Mythelene my soul amusement was found in the society of a little lady a Mrs Quincy Adams who was formerly a Miss Whittall of Smyrna. She then married an American Naval Officer. She was both gay and amusing and not having spoken to a lady for three months her society was extremely agreeable. I was obliged to prolong my visit owing to the inability of the Victory to obtain stores for her return voyage to Keplalos but this did not particularly matter as there was little chance of anything happenying on the Peninsular. However on Monday September 26th a small Greek Steamre came into port and we took passage on board her. The following morning we reached Tenedos and after lunching there took the afternoon Trawler for for Kephalos. I found that nothing had happened in my absence save a muting [mutiny?] amongst the servants who had drunk everything left in the camp. The corporal had wisely cleared off before

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