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September 6th
At Imbros. Nevinson who went to G.H.Q yesterday states that Colonel Ward has been relieved of his Post as head of the Intellegence and that Tyrrell whom I knew at Constantinople has been chosen in his stead. Ward I always found a very agreable man but it is said he was inclined to be lazy and he never knew anything about the Near East. The manner in which these generals eat one another up is astonishing. Ward although stellenboshed has been promoted to the rank of Brigadier and is off home to have the command of a Brigade of Artillery

September 7th
I was to have gone to Anzac to take conemetograph pictures but did not do so as the weather has been so bad. Went for a ride with Hawker and de Crespigny in afternoon. Then had tea with Hawker and met Col. Tyrrell whom I had previously known when Military attache in Constantinople. He has taken Ward's place as Chief of the Intellegence. He opened up the conversation by saying the campaign had been wrongly conducted from the start. There are but few who will dispute this assertion. While we were still at tea Ward came in. He had called to say good bye. I dined on t No 32 with de Crespigny.

September 8th
Murdoch the Australian sailed to day. I gave him an important letter of introduction to Mr Asquith. He promised to get it through. I once again had to postpone my trip to Anzac. It has been blowing a howling gale from the north for the last three days and the weather has suddenly turned much colder. This does not make the future of the campaign

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