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very much there had been no one present to write a great discrptive account of the events of June 4th as Lawrence understood nothing and that he had heard that during the battle he was on the River Clyde packing his luggage and when told of the fight said 'never mind I will find out what happened from someone later' We then explained that the presence of Mosely in our camp was extremely objectionable to us. He seemed to have heard a certain amount about this gentleman and asked if he had ever been over the other side. We explained he had spent one hour at Anzac in the course of a round trip. He then said 'Well he is doing no use here so I think I shall send him back'. This ended the interview and on leaving we wished him luck. We then went and saw Colonel Ward who agreed it was undesirable that Radcliffe should live in our midst. So we got all our points satisfactory settled. That evening I went on board No 32 and dined with de Crespigny Melvil Ward the Doctor and O'Callaghan . We had a very gay evening and spent most of the time listening to the gramaphone. I stayed on board for the night

Wednesday July 4th
Woke up feeing very rotten having had too much hot drink the night before. We went over to the Ark Royal in the morning and had some excellent iced beer. This is the first time I have been on board this Sea plane ship. She is a remarkable vessel especially constructed for the housing and repair of seaplanes. I was fortunate enough to find a real cenimetograpg operator on board and he came over to number 32 to explain several points about my machine of which I was ignorant. I am afraid therefore that the films I have taken up to date will be of small value. However, some of them May come out

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