Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 137

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Armies melt away under modern conditions. But they have had some invaluable experience and I suppose they will be employed at some new landing. General Douglas is at present commanding the 8th Corps. He was formerly the Commander of the 42nd Division. I hear however that a General Davis or Davies is coming out from home to assume the command. There is really only one man for the job and that is General de Lisle

Saturday July 31st
The Ford Motor turned up at 8-30 am and we all three motored out to the RnVAC section. I found that both Colemore and Loughborough had left but Commander Weyley sent down the car and at the same time received us in the most friendly manner. We set off on foot of the Krithia Nullah to visit the front trenches in this part of the line calling first at the Divisional Headquarters where I met Captain Marshall again Douglas's old A.D.C. General Marshall is now temporarly commanding the Division in his absence.

Marshall gave me a guide and we passed on up the Gully stopping for another guide and a permit at the I27th Brigade Headquarters. Here I met General Lawrence a most charming man and also an officer who had known us in the old days at Eastbourne. e then went on and visited the front trenches held by the Manchesters. The country here is very flat and you can see very little. Looking out over the top I had a good view of the Turkish Trenches and also saw a great number of our dead lying amidst the barbed wire where they have been ever since the abortive attack of June 4th which was a ghastly blunder. Everywhere you hear expressions of satisfaction and the departure of Hunetr Weston.

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