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They said we we could come and stop on the River Clyde as that enabled me to have a dark room in which to change my Films on the Cinemetograph. Nevinson and I then returned to Lancashire Landing to lunch. They are now making a breakwater round the Jetty by sinking ships just as they have done at Imbros. The Turks shell this work vigorously from Achi Baba and cause many casualties on the beach but still it goes on all the same. I do not know if it will survive the winter gales. There are some who say the whole of the foreshore is washed by the sea when the wind blows strongly from the south. But I am unable to say if this is true or not. Wilson and Ross sailed round in a boat and took us and our baggage off to the Clyde. We stopped on the way and called on the new Hospital ship the Assaye which has jsut been fitted out. She is an old Troop Ship and can take 390 lying down cases. I am afraid we shall be very short of ships for this next big push when it comes.

I saw a real life woman on baord who is an extraordinary phenomum these days and had two beautiful iced whiskies and sodas. I then went on to V Beach and sailed over the wreck of the poor old Majestic. You can trace her whole length as she lies beneath the water. On arriving at V Beach I took 200 feet of cinemetograph film. That night we dined and slept on board. I went up to the 8th Army Corps Headquarters before diner but most of my friends have left. I sent a signal to Commander Colmore asking him to send down a car to V Beach the following morning. All through the night troops were being sent off from V Beach in Trawlers and Destroyers to Mudros. They are the 13th Division of Kitchener's First Army which has been ashore for two weeks on our left holding the Trenches. They have had no real fighting but have suffered some 500 casualties. This shows how

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