Item 01: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett diary, 1915-1917 - Page 134

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Grand Fleet for war dismissed at the eleventh hour. Every Admiral and every Captain in the Grand Fleet protested at the change to Winston and at th manner in which it has been carried out but it was no use. Calligan assured me that Winston acted on his own authority and that Jellicoe was appointed without even the Kings's knowledge. Winston therefore must not be surprised if he receives but little sympathy in his own troubles. Calligan has been worthly avenged. I also learnt a good deal from Calliagn about Beatty's North Sea Battle. He also told me the two ways in which we are able to tap all the German signals but I will not put this information on paper in case it ever fell into strange hands.

Tuesday July 27th
Remained at Imbros working all day and sending off my Cinemetograph Films. This is an experiment which May land me in hot water but I must take the risk.
Wednesday July 28th
Went over to Helles in the early boat and heard from her Captain how he thinks a submarine was trapped on the previous day. Caught in the net and rammed by a destroyer. It seems fairly certain she was destroyed. However one can never be sure. Saw Bettleheim at Helles. Everything is quiet all along the line. I am sure the Turks will not attack. They are waiting for us. Their game is to lie low and try and stave off our offensive until the weather becomes to bad for further operations. On returning to Imbros I found Loughborough and Coleman had come over to see me. Akso a man called Corbie.

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