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Davidson and then took the afternoon trawler for Mudros Bay accompanied by Nevinson who had also obtained leave to return home and as far as Mudros by Malcolm Ross. On arriving at 5pm we went on board the Arrigon to spend the night and to await a vessel to take us to Malta. I found Captain Fitzmaurice late of the Triumph in charge of the Arrigon and he received me in a most friendly manner. There were few ships going direct to Malta at this time and it seemed more than likely we would have to go to Alexandria and from there tranship to Malta which would have meant endless delays. However on the following morning I Iwarnt that the crusier Bacchante Captain Boyle was sailing direct on the following day and asked for permission to sail in her. This was I granted by Commodore Keyes who had come down in the Triad and both Nevinson and myself repaired on board.

October 3rd
Sailed at 5pm for Malta leaving Mudros Bay for the last time. The Mauretania had just come in with seven thousand troops on board. On hervway when passing the most dangerous part of the route off the network of islands that lie off Crete she came upon some wreckage of a ship that had recently been submarined. A little later two boats were encountered with survivors on board. Her Captain then stopped his ship for twenty minutes to pick them up. He thus jepordised the lives of seven thousand officers and men by presenting his huge v vessel as a sitting motionless target to the enemy's submarines. When Admiral de Robeck heard of this he was almost speechless and I am told the Captain had to endure a very bad Mauvais quart d'heure.However all well that ends well

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