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being over-crowded as it is, and it could only be extended at very great sacrifice of life. The value of Anzac to us is that it retains a large Turkish force, it is a perpetual menace to their flank in their operations farther south against Seddul Bahr and it undoubtedly complicates the question of supply, for the prisoners taken at Achi Baba complain that the Anzac troops steal their supplies on the way down the Peninsula. Anzac is held by four Australian and one New Zealand Brigade, with about eighteen guns, all there is room for. These Brigades have suffered very heavily, but new drafts have been sent up from Egypt, chiefly from the dismounted Australian Horse who carry the same rifle, but not the same equipment, as the infantry. I believe, therefore, the Australian' Corps is very nearly up to strength again. The material of the new drafts is excellent and it has been decided it is better to complete their training in the tranches rather than in Egypt.

The Position Of Our Army At Seddul Bahr.
Very erroneous reports have appeared in the Press from time to time on the position of the Allied Armies at the southern end of the Gallipoli Peninsula. "We have made good progress", "The Army is advancing into the interior". "Maidos has been occupied". These statements and many others have been allowed by the Censor at home to appear in the papers, thus hopelessly

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