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Thursday December 7th
Arrived at Eastbourne in the morning and lectured afternoon and evening at Devonshire Park. Stayed at the Grand and met Irene Vanburgh who is actingat the Devonshire Park theatre. She told me she had had a very poor audience and that my show would kill hers that day. I suggested that we should pool the proceeds. Left Eastbourne at 9.30 arrived at London at 11.12. Went to the Savoy Hotel to try and find Fenton, and found him at a smallprivateparty being given to Polare, who is returning to France. Although I was not dressed they insisted upon my staying and we had a very amusing evening, supper and some excellent singing afterwards. In addition to Polare, Teddy Gerard and the lady who has made such a success at the Ambassador were there. At a very late hour went to the Paddington Hotel and caught the 7.30 a.m. train for Torquay. Arrived there 2.15 a.m. Lectured at 3 p.m Caught the 4.25 train to London, arrived 8.45 and went out to supper with West and to a party.

Thursday December 9th
Went down to Southsea and lectured in the evening to a large and appreciative audience which would have beenbetter, but for the awful weather, for it simply poured the whole evening.
Friday December 10th
Left Southsea at 7 a.m. and arrived in Bath at 11.30. Lectured at 3 o'clock. At 5.30 left for Bristol and lectured there at 8 p.m. Both places good audiences.
Saturday December 11th
Arrived at Cheltenham at 11 a.m. Lectured in the afternoon to a very fine audience. Dined with Agg Gardener the member, in the evening at which he produced the most wonderful collection of old wine, which he always carries about with him, and lectured again in the evening to another good audience. At 11 30 pa hired a motor car and motored

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