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[Text incorporates handwritten corrections by E.A.B.]
gain whole of Chunuk Bair extending to south east
No 2 Column (Cox) objective Hill known as Q 81 A 2. Advance to commence from previous positions
No_3 Column Gen. Baldwin commanding 38th I.B. Position of Assembly the Chailik Dere Head of column at No 80 D 9. Objective Hill known as Q. The column to move east of the farm. This column was to be the main attack and the other columns were ordered to cooperate with it.

Course of the Operations. at 4-30 am Aug 9th heavy bombardment of Chunuk Bair Ridge and Hill Q by naval and land guns. At 5-15 am fire directed on flanks and reverse slopes. In meantine No 3 Column less Loyal North Lancashire Gen Baldwin had assembled at 8pm Aug 8th the Chailik Dere and moved up towards Johnstone's Headquarters. Gen Baldwin's plan was to form up his force behind New Zealand Brigade and then launch it in succesive lines to attack. But he was delayed by ground and inclining to left did not reach line of the Farm Chunuk Bair till 5-15am Aug 9th.

Meanwhile 6th Gourkas led by Col C.J.L Allanson advanced up the slopes of Sari Bair and succeeded in crowning heighths on the nek between Chunuk Bair and Hill Q. Here they looked down on Dardanelles. Unfortunately no further troops were in position to follow success. Counter attacks and our own shell fire compelled withdrawl to lower slopes of Sari Bair. Two Companies East Lancashire R. and Hampshire R. who gained high ground immediately below high commanding knoll on Chunuk Bair now attacked. Turks lining crest in great numbers compelled Gen Baldwin to withdraw his command to farm. Col A.R Cole Hamilton 6th East Lans

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