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[Text incorporates handwritten corrections by E.A.B.]
11-50 Pm. Maori Contingent acquitted itself well on Bauchop Hill. All, attacks made by bayonet and bomb only. 150 prisoners were taken ammuunition rifles and stores.

Left Covering Force marching via beach road to No 3 Post moved north when attack on Bauchop Hill had somewhat developed. Progress hampered by Chailak Dere which was crossed by sunken roads in which were troops belonging to Right Covering Force. Some temporary intermixture resulted. After clearing Chailak Dere the force marched without interruption to the mouth of the Aghyl Dere though exposed to a certain amount of fire from the spurs of Bauchop Hill which had not then been captured and attacked Damakjelik Bair. Several trenches were rushed by the South Wales Borderers. Hill occupied 1-30 am August 7th and touch was gained with the Troops posted by the left Assaulting Column to picket the Hills in the direction of Koja Chemen Tepe.

Situation. At midnight August 6th/7th was as follows.
Right Covering force in possession Old No 3 Post and Big Table Top. Fighting still proceeding at Bauchop Hill which was finally cleared at 1.10 am Auguust 7th, and Little Table Top.
Left Covering: Force in occupation of the Southern Slopes of Damakjelik Bair, fighting still in progress
Right Assaulting Column moving up Sazli Beit Dera and Chailik Dere.
Left Assaulting Column approaching Aghyl Dere. Reserves still in bivouac.
Right Assaulting Column making use of two lines of advance i.e. the Sazli Beit Dere and the Chailik Dere commenced to advance up these

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