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[Text incorporates handwritten corrections by E.A.B.]
Report of Operations at Anzac

Course of Operations. Commenced at 5-30 pm August 6th. 1st Australian Division successfully attacking the Lone Pine position. Between dark and 9-30 pm in accordance with the pre-arranged programme the Navy shelled the Nek (80 n 8 ) and Old No 3 Post bringing searchlights to bear at intervals. This had been practiced nightly for some weeks and enemy were accustomed to it.
Right Covering Force. At 9pm that portion of General Russels force detailed to attack old No 3 Post crept forward from under cover of the ourposts. At 9-30 the Searchlight which had been directed as usual on oId No 3 Post was switched off. This was signal for attack which was made swiftly and this position was soon captured.

At same time 9-30 pm the forces detailed to attack Big Table Top and Bauchop Hill series of ridges advanced up the Sazli Beit Dere and Chailak Dere and across the latter Gully. Opposition was soon met with and wire entanglement placed across the Chailak Dere delayed the troops advancing by this route for some time. It was however eventually removed. Meantime excellent progress was made against seaward spurs and Bauchop Hill and under cover of these operations, the left Covering Force made its way north for attack on the Damakjelik Bair. Old No 3 Post was captured at 10-50pm August 6th and Bauchop Hill by 1-10am August 7th. Bauchop was here killed.
[Lt. Col. A. Bauchop]
Attack on Big Table Top was prepared by heavy bombardment of 4.5, 5 inch and 6 inch howitzers and Ships guns. Directed on hill with searchlights up to 10apm at which hour assault was timed. Captured at

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