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at their head. Possessing fine professional qualifications they three themselves into the fray, stretcher bearers and all. The records of the first few days, if published in full would astound. The intrepidity of the Regimental Medical Officers and stretcher bearers was beyond all praise. Many fell but the work was carried on, dressing wounded in the open under fire being mere routine. No campaign has ever exhibited greater bravery in the medical departments. Amongst the host of names that can be mentioned are those of Black (7th Battn) Brig. Thompson (1st Brig.) Bean (1st Brig) stand out. but when one once commences to enumerate, he must turn to the list of names of the A.M.C and say all these did splendid work.

It is not too much to say that the staffs of the Division and Brigades have been most efficient. Office work was good, but better than all they spent their time in the trenches. Every Brigade Staff officer and the General staffof the Division were daily to be found where they ought to be found in trench warfare, amongst the troops inspecting defences, giving advice, encouragement and example. Brig. Gen. White has proved a tower of strength to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. A better Intelligence officer than Major Nicholson would be hard to find, and with the staff must be coupled the name of Captain Bean, correspondent by authority, comrade and soldier as well.

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