Item 03: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett telegrams, 1915 - Page 50

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[Telegram form – The Eastern Telegraph Co. Ltd. Alexandria Station. Dated 23 July 1915. 203 words. Daily Telegraph London]
[Continuation of Ashmead Bartlett's report of the action of 12th/13th July at Cape Helles]
THREE casualties occur in holding the trenches after they have been won for the enemy knowing the ground and the plan of their trenches better than our men attack them with bombs through the saps and the fighting takes place at such close quarters that our artillery is unable to check these counter attacks so inseperably mixed do the combatants become in this maze of earthworks stop parties of men get too far forward and are frequently lost for hours whilst it is no uncommon occurrence for our men to gain possession of an advanced trench whilst the Turks are still holding sections of those behind them stop thus after each advance it takes a long time to straighten out and consolidate a captured position

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