Item 03: Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett telegrams, 1915 - Page 93

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[Page 93]

[Telegram form – The Eastern Telegraph Company, Limited. Alexandria Station. Dated 24 Aug. 1915. 207 words. Daily Telegraph London]
[Continuation of Ashmead Bartlett's first report of the British action at Suvla Bay,
6th – 10th August]

EIGHT. the Salt Lake to the village of Anafarta it is a little over four thousand yards stop towards the south east the hills recede leaving a gap between the Anafarta section and the heighth of Koja Chemen [censor's deletion] stop in the gap thus created lies the beautiful village of Buyuk Anafarta surrounded by tall and stately cypresses stop from the south side of the Salt Lake you can walk right along the low ground to the Anzac beaches stop [nine lines deleted by censor] to keep the enemy in front of Achi Baba the 8th Corps made repeated attempts to advance attacks on August 6th and 7th [two lines deleted by censor] [contd. page 96]
Ashmead Bartlett Radcliffe censor

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