Ellis Silas letter and notes relating to the Anzac Buffet in London, 19 December 1921 - Page 4

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a permanent position was found in Victoria Street on the left hand side going citywards, and here it remained for the duration of the war, it is this place I have depicted in my illustrations. All the work of this enterprise was carried out by an indefatigable band of Australian women. How hard the work must have been only time can tell you, on some days they served refreshment to some 1000 men, it was not merely a question of just handing out a sandwich and cup of tea. It was served at tables, which meant much carrying of heavy trays.

For those of us who were attached to H.Q. staff it was quite a home not to say an allurement for the strict path of duty, at least I know I found it so, for many a time and oft did I slip away from my official duties and partake of a cup of tea or read the Aussie news – but I digress – concerts, dances and theatre parties and tours of the metropolis were arranged. The visiting Bureau put us in touch with people in different parts of the British Isles , who had been kind enough to offer us their hospitality during the period of our leave. On a green board near the door (shown in illustration) all the latest news and shows, or anything that was going that would be of interest to us. The comfort and interests of each individual man were studied as far as was humanly possible so to do. For all there was always a cheery welcome, a ready hand. And now the war being over, the

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