Ellis Silas letter and notes relating to the Anzac Buffet in London, 19 December 1921 - Page 1

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"Whancliffe" Lower Bay View St.
Mc Mahon's Point Sydney

Mr Wright
I should think that this record of the Anzac Buffet would be of particular interest to the Mitchell Collection, inasmuch as although this Buffet was quite an important feature in the lives of the A.I.F. in London, it is the only illustration extant for this place and although I frequented this rendezvous a great deal no photo of it was ever brought to my notice.

I would further mention that this particular work was made as a record, one of the illustrations to part 2 of my diary – which latter (when completed) I hope to submit to you, consequently if the Mitchell library acquire this work and later my completed diary, may I suggest that it might be found expedient to keep all the illustrations together in Post-folio form, but naturally this is a matter the trustees will decide for themselves to may I ask for to forgive my seeming impertinance as to the historic value of this illustration in question this I think is a matter that perhaps the trustees would be in a better position to define, but I should think its present value is about ten pounds.
Enclosed is a description of the Buffet pieced together from part 2 of my diary.
Your friend
Ellis Silas 16Bn. A.I.F.

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