Item 01: James McCall Young diary, 9 November 1917-22 April 1918 - Page 19

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11.30 had limejuice issued to us & sugar, (very good stuff too). 12 AM Dinner. 3 PM First Choir practice. 5 PM Tea. 7 PM Concert on upper deck, rained very heavy during night some of the chaps had to come below with their beds; passed a floating mine, but was reported too late to get it.

Wednesday Nov 21st
5.30 got up, put my watch back again have done so every morning since I came on board. 8 AM breakfast. 9.30 Medical inspection. 11 AM boat Inspection. 12 AM Dinner. 4.30 Lifeboat alarm, got some skin knocked off my hand in the rush. 5 PM Tea. 8.30 made bed on deck, started to rain at ½ past 12 PM, had to get up at 3.15 AM, and come below as the rain was coming down in lumps, coming right through the canvas awning, got my blankets a little wet.

Thursday Nov 22nd
Up at 5.30, scrambled to have a wash. 8 AM breakfast, usual porridge & stew. 9.30 had to go on parade to get paid (10/-) only paid per 1/- day until we reach the other side, had medical inspection at the same time. 11 AM Inspection of tables by Master & CO. Still a lot of flying fish about, weather much cooler, with a nice cool breeze blowing. 12 AM Dinner, more limejuice issued, no parades for the afternoon, half holiday for sports, Tug of war

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