Item 01: James McCall Young diary, 9 November 1917-22 April 1918 - Page 51

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gave chase, and our boat turned right round had two blankets given me during afternoon. Sun set at 4.15 PM. Had tea at 5 PM quite dark. Went to bed about 7. at 11 PM the engines stopped for about an hour owing to something breaking but they fixed it up.

Thursday Dec 20th
5.30 got up and had a wash the destroyers are still with us. after breakfast we had to scrub the deck. 11 AM had all our ship plates and cutlery taken away. have to use our mess tins the sea is very calm and smooth. during afternoon we had our kit bags up from the hold to get some more warm clothes on before we left the boat.

Friday Dec 21st
5.30 got up and had a shave and wash. 7 AM. Passed our blankets in. land in sight on both sides of us. 9.30 AM dropped anchor in the outer harbour, too late to get in through the harbour gates. were all disappointed as we expected to get off at mid-day. 3 PM hauled up anchor and steamed through the gates into the inner harbour. a most beautiful harbour, the largest harbour I have yet seen. We got a very good welcome from every one around the gates, there is a road way right over the enterance, the gates swing inwards in two halves, they are made of solid steel. there is a very large collection of all kinds of shipping including some very large man o' wars Italian and British about 50 of them, we got a good cheer from them as we sailed past them, they all saluted us by dipping their flags. We are the first Australian troops that have

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